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X-Ray Shielding Glass

LX-57B X-Ray shielding lead glass offers excellent radiation protection and superb visual clarity. The polished surfaces are scratch resistant and LX-57B does not discolor due to radiation. LX-57B X-Ray shielding glass comes in three thicknesses.



  • High quality optical grade lead barium type X-Ray lead glass
  • Contains over 60% heavy metal oxide, including at least 55% PbO
  • Surfaces are mirror polished
  • Excellent for use in medical facilities, laboratories, airports, and screens for radiation


  LX7 LX9 LX15
Thickness (in) 7 mm (1/4") 9 mm (3/8") 15 mm (9/16")
Lead Equiv. (mm) 1.6 2.0 3.0
Minimum Density gm/cm 4.36 4.36 4.36
Weight -- lb/ft2 6.4 8.0 13.0
X-Ray Peak Voltage KV 150 150 200
Max. available size 48"*96" 48"*96" 48"*96"
LX7 may be installed in a double assembly for greater protection. Please call for further details.
For applications requiring safety-impact resistant glazing, LX-57B is available with a surface applied film and in a laminated configuration.

Surface Hardness

LX-57B glass surfaces are mirror polished. Using Moh's hardness scale, LX-57B tests at Level
6 (comparable to feldspar, a constituent of granite). Acrylic tests at Level 3 (equivalent to
calcite, a constituent of limestone and chalk).



As a high lead content glass, LX glass is more susceptible to staining as compared with normal window glass. Pay attention to the following precautions for installation and cleaning.

Do not stick anything on the surface of the LX glass during the installation. (When masking tape is used in caulking, remove it immediately after caulking and wipe off any tapetraces with alcohol.)Do not use a wet cloth or water to clean the LX glass. Immediately wipe off water in case the LX glass becomes wet.

When the LX glass becomes dirty of marked with fingerprints, polish the surface slightly hard with a dry, clean cloth like gauze using alcohol. Wipe the LX glass again afterwards with a new, dry and clean cloth to completely remove the alcohol remaining on the surface.